Monday, May 19, 2014

Maha What.....???????

When we tell people that we have moved to Mahahual, their first response is normally. “Maha What?”   Not only do they not know how to say it they don’t know where it is…So here is a quick post to tell everyone more about where we live in paradise.  First, the pronunciation, think; Ma Ha Wall and you will be able to say it.

Next, where is it?  Mahahual also known as Costa Maya, is about 4 hours south of Cancun and a hour north of Belize.  It is generally known as the last frontier of the Mayan Riviera boasting beautiful turquoise water, sugary white beaches, and swaying palm trees.  We love that while the population is small it is very diverse culturally.  One minute we are hearing English, then Spanish, then Italian, German and so forth. It has been a wonderful learning experience about other countries, I’m learning much more about geography and culture then I ever learned in school.

This last stretch of untouched Caribbean is a water and nature lovers dream come true.  There is incomparable swimming, diving, snorkeling and fishing here.  Every day while working we watch the local fisherman bring in fresh fish, crabs and Caribbean lobster.

With the government realizing the potential here property values are only going up.  Costa Maya features a small beachfront town, a small community called The Casitas that is 3 minutes from the beach and then extending north and south are gorgeous beachfront homes that are mainly off grid.
We are offering a few select, quality built homes with clear titles for sale.  This is not a place for everyone; there are no big cities or skyscrapers here.  The closest city is Chetumal, the capital of the state and that is south of us an hour and a half away. Tulum is 2 hours north of us. However if you are looking for peace and quiet, beautiful beaches, kind local people and a more tranquil, relaxed lifestyle this may be the place for you.

Until the next time....we are living the dream in Magical Mahahual!